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About Us

Hells Heroes Brand was an idea that had been peculating slowly for many years before finally springing into life in 2017.

Based in Australia, the brand direction is heavily influenced by the alternative scene, specifically tattoo culture, and incorporates elements of both rock and metal music. 

There are many alternative clothing brands out there, mostly originating in the UK or US and with exchange-rate prices and shipping costs to match however home-grown tattoo-culture inspired clothing was desperately lacking here in Australia.

The formation of Hells Heroes Brand aims to change that imbalance and we hope that you reading this will join us on our journey to build a strong and internationally recognised alternative clothing brand to rival the market leaders.

We'd love to hear any feedback that may help us on this journey and would encourage you to message us at with any suggestions, complaints or praise. We read every message we get and we can promise that all feedback, both positive and negative, is taken on board. 

Hold Fast and I hope to see you on the flip-side,

J - Hells Heroes Brand Founder